Sunday Thali

What is a Thali?

The word Thali translates to plate, Thali itself is a plate with various dishes on it however the whole selection can also be referred to as Thali.

Thali is a selection of various dishes equal to a starter and main course combined originating from India and sub-continent. The dishes found on the plate can vary depending on the region of India.

Thali can be served with different types of bread such as Puri or Roti, delicacies served with Thali vary between regions and restaurants making each Thali unique.

  • Thali can refer to the plate or tray that the dishes are served on
  • Multiple variations of Thalis depend on the region
  • Served with Bread and/or rice
  • In restaurants it is equal to a starter and a main dish combined
  • Should be eaten using a spoon to combine flavours with rice (in sequence)
  • Vegetarian thalis are very popular

Each week we will be serving different authentic Thali a set price of £12.94

Per person

Vegetarian - £10.95

Non vegetarian - £12.95

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