The Mughal Empire 1483 - 1757

The Mughal Dynasty in over 300 years of rule certainly formed an important empire that brought one of the greatest epochs of Indian Sarenic architecture exemplified by the creation of the Taj Mahal. Mughal art is found in music, illuminated manuscripts, decorative inlay work, painted glassware, carpets of distinctive design, and most importantly, the Mughals certainly left their mark on Indian cuisine which still finds echoes in many of the finer dishes of the north to this day.

Indian Cooking

Outside India, Indian cooking is often dismissed in one word - curry - but the real glory and challenge of Indian cooking with its bewildering and very sophisticated different styles, techniques and selection, lies in obtaining the ‘right’ combination of the many spices which go to create the flavour called ‘curry’ and which we of the “Mughal Dynasty” guarantee to dispel forever the myth that all Indian food is a series of monotonous yellow-colour ‘curries’.

Indian cooking has been influenced over the centuries by history, geography and religion. Indian cooking can be roughly divided into north and south (with some deviation along the coastline). In the north, over the centuries, waves of conquerors have come and gone, each leaving their influence on the architecture, the arts, the culture and the food.

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