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Wine By The Glass

Red, White or Rosé £2.95 125 ml

Red, White or Rosé £3.25 175 ml

White Wine

Baron D’Arignac Dry White £11.95 France

Aromas of freshly cut grass with green apple notes on the palate. Crisp with a dry yet soft finish.

Cortestrada Garganega Pinot Grigio £14.95 Italy

Fuller flavoured than most Pinot Grigios. A delightful, open, generous and fruity wine.

Lomas Carrera Sauvignon Blanc £14.95 Chile

A crisp refreshing wine with pleasant acidity and a soft grassy aroma.

Reserve St Marc Grenache Blanc £14.95 France

Refreshing and delightful with hints of peach and pineapple, leading into a clean finish.

McGuigan Black Label Gewurztraminer Riesling £15.95 Australia

A fruit driven wine with sweet hints of pineapple, grapefruit and melon.

Chablis Paul Delane £22.95 France

A clean, dry, textbook Chablis with good balance and natural appeal. Produced by the famous Caves La Chablisienne.

Rosé White

Baron d’Arignac Rosé £11.95 France

Red fruit and floral characters, supple with a soft finish.

Mateus Rosé £14.95 Portugal

Delicate, light and fruity. In attractive flasks.

Gold County Zinfandel Rose £14.95 California

Delightful pale pink wine with flavours of summer fruits and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

Red Wine

Baron D’Arignac Soft Red France £11.95 France

Fresh nose, mellow and rounded, lightly fruity, soft and easy to enjoy.

Lomas Merlot £14.95 Chile

Medium bodied with herbaceous aromas and young, soft velvety tannins.

The Landings Shiraz Cabernet £15.95 Australia

Blackcurrant and plum notes with a tantalising hint of spice with an integrated mouth feel.

Los Vinateros Rioja Crianza £18.95 Spain

Aromas and flavours of chocolate and cherry enhanced by spice and peppery characters. Soft and easy drinking with good balance and palate length.

Neptune Point Marlborough Pinot Noir £17.95 New Zealand

Silky soft mouth feel, balanced with raspberry and violet aromas which continues unfolding in the glass.

Champagne & Sparkling

Prosecco Casa Vinicola Botter £15.95

House Champagne £29.95

Moët & Chandon Brut £44.95

Larger and Soft Drinks

Cola, Lemonade or Fruit Juice £2.45

Mineral Water £4.45 (Sparkling or Still ) 750ml

Kingfisher £4.45 5.0% (Indian bottled beer) 660ml

Cobra £2.45 4.8% (Draught) ½ Pint

Cobra £3.90 4.8% (Draught) Pint

Cider £2.45 (Bottle) 330ml

Non-Alcoholic Cobra £2.95 (Bottle) 330ml

Non-Alcoholic Cobra £3.90 Pint


Scotch Whisky £2.45 40.0% 25ml

Vodka £2.75 37.5% 25ml

Bacardi White Rum £2.75 37.5% 25ml

Dark Rum £2.75 37.5% 25ml

Malibu £2.75 24.0% 25ml

Southern Comfort £2.75 40.0% 25ml

Short £3.75 with any mixer

De Luxe Whisky

Glenfiddich Malt 3.25 43.0% 25ml

Chivas Regal 3.25 (12 year old) 43.0%

Johnnie Walker Black Label 2.95 43.0% 25ml

Canadian Club 2.95 40.0% 25ml

Aperitifs and Sherry

Dubonnet Red £2.45 14.7% 50ml

Pimms No. 1 £2.45 25.0% 25ml

Martini Dry or Red £2.45 14.7% 50ml

Cinzano Bianco £2.45 14.7% 50ml

Campari £2.45 24.0% 25ml

Dry, Medium or Sweet Sherry £2.45 17.5% 50ml


Courvoisier VSOP £2.95 40.0% 25ml

Martell £2.95 40.0% 25ml

Remy Martin VSOP £3.25 40.0% 25ml

Hine VSOP £4.25 40.0% 25ml


Benedictine £2.75 40.0% 25ml

Baileys £2.75 17.0% 50ml

Cointreau £2.75 40.0% 25ml

Crème de Menthe £l2.75 24.0% 25ml

Kummel £2.75 38.0% 25ml

Sambuca £2.75 40.0% 25ml

Tia Maria £2.75 26.5% 25ml

Drambuie £2.75 40.0% 25ml

Grand Marnier £2.75 38.5% 25ml

Amaretto £2.75 (Almond) 24.0% 25ml

Port £2.75 (20%) 50ml

Taylors LBV Port £3.25 (20%) 50ml